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Photobiomodulation Research Projects for 2019


Join us in 2019 Clinical trials in West Virginia, Los Angeles and New Jersey as we extend the knowledge base of localized PBMt into full body photobiomodulation research.

Clinical Trials in West Virgina are closed.  These studies are focused on Performance and Recovery aspects of the ATP, full body LED light therapy bed.  Dose and wavelength is being studied for elite athletes.

Clinical trials in Southern California are expected to begin in September of 2019 in Los Angleles, CA.  These trials will study how the pain relieving and wellness benefits of photobiomodulation affect emotional resiliance.  Research subjects who may suffer from PTSD, and emotional challenges due to pain or illness related to diabetes, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Clinical trials in Northern New Jersey are anticipated to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2019.  This study will focus on pain, recovery and wellness with clients facing joint pain from illness and injury.  Dose and wavelengths will be studied.

If you are interested in joing the upcoming studies as a research subject in either Los Angeles or New Jersey please optin to the website and message that you wish to participagte in Clinical Trials.

Photobiomodulation Research to determine if a Polychromatic addition of Green to the red, near infrared mix is underway and will be studied to get a clearer picture of how the unique biological benefits of green to blood cells helps users using the chambers.  Our owners and professional sports franchises suggest there is a benefit.  We hope to confirm this in controlled clinical trials with measurable diagnostics.

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