‘EDGE’ Complete – Trans4m!

The EDGE Complete is like a health club for your body and mind.  Each of the 60 + recordings are designed to create a slightly different mind muscle. Travel from the deep delta the mindless state of yogi’s in meditation to the super fast gamma brainwaves of Buddhist Monk’s in mindfulness mediation.  Become more focused, creative and resilient in the work-place,  Enhance your creative brainwaves or simply drop into an altered state of consciousness.

Experts suggest we might only use 10% of our brains total capacity.  Studies suggest that entrainment frequencies played over time can act like an exercise machine building stronger brainwave patterns.  Trans4m! complete’s core objective is to help users develop what is called the Peak Performance Mind, a brainstate where all of the brains frequencies are active at the same time.  This is the state of complete awareness,l that Ah Ha experience you feel when you know something on every level.

With EDGE complete, you have access to one of the most complete and unique systems ever developed to build your brain.

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