‘EDGE’ Quickstart – Trans4m!

The EDGE Quickstart is a sampling of the most important brainstate categories for sleep, relaxation, imagination, resilience, creativity, performance and focus.  In addition we offer you a mind altering treat with the Peak Performance Mind.  Use this system to reprogram your subconscious mind to match your conscious intentions.

This and the EDGE Complete integrate brainstate optimization with heart mind coherence in a patent pending system designed to help you empowerr your mind, your goals and your life.  This is meditation squared targeting brainstates and enhancing over 1400 positive biochemical reactions, increasing DHEA the anti aging hormone and decreasing cortisol the death hormone,

The EDGE Quickstart offers a lifetime of use for powerful changes on demand.  If you want to change your brainstate, relax, focus, or create, just turn on the MP3.

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