Understanding LED Light Therapy Beds

LED Light Therapy Beds and Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMt)

Mitochondria dysfunction reduction using photobiomodulation

Mitochondria, Aging and PBM

Photobiomodulation, utilizing an LED Light Therapy bed,  has been shown to slow, halt and even reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction and improve production of ATP.   This improves cellular energy and slows cell death.  The benefits can be felt in cognition, wellness, performance and aesthetics.

Mitochondria are the motors in the body that produce ATP.  ATP is the fuel that cells use to thrive.  A current theory on aging suggests that as we age, the mitochondria become damaged by free radicals and toxicity.

LED Light Therapy has been shown to slow, halt and reverse mitochondrial dysfunction which reduces cell death and improves cellular function.  This cellular improvement cascades down into the tissues, organ and systems creating a systemic improvement in the entire body. Read more.

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Light is an Essential Supplement

Over 4000 studies suggest that light heals. Like a multivitamin, Full Body LED light therapy stimulates key cellular reactions that improve the health, energy and function of cells.  The benefits of light as a supplement include reduced inflammation, detoxification of waste and free radicals, improved circulation, and improved energy.

An LED Light Therapy Bed illuminates the entire body.  The dose in light therapy is irradiance (brightness) x surface area x time.   LED Light therapy beds depending on their power can deliver super high dosages of selected wavelengths to the entire body.  These specific wavelengths like supplements seem to trigger specific reactions.  Red light for example might stimulate the CCO in the skin while near infrared might trigger it deeper in the body, penetrating the muscles and joints and even the brain.  Green is absorbed in the hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. Read more.

Red NIR LED Light Therapy Bed
LED Light Therapy bed Giants

LED Light Therapy for Healthy People

Athletes who break their own personal best records with full body light therapy have performance as a measurable benchmark. People suffering from pain or illness have the reduction of pain or illness as a benchmark. In both cases, LED light therapy is triggering cellular changes that cascade down into and change the tissues organs and systems which improves how their bodies are performing.

Healthy people may not have measurable or noticeable benchmarks, but the changes are still taking place.  Blood cells (hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin) are energized by green, free radical damage and inflammation are reduced and nutrient transfer is increased.  LED Light Therapy may help healthy people Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better… Longer. Read more.

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Led or Laser?

Studies have shown that LASERS and LED’s can have similar effects depending on the intensity.  Low Level Lasers may prove more effective in stimulating inside of a joint while a full body light therapy bed may precondtion the entire body, helping it respond better to localized treatments with lasers.  Lasers are much more effective for invasive procedures designed to cut or burn while LED’s may prove better for systemic stimulation of health.  LED’s are non-invasive (do not cut or burn) but researchers suggest that the right dose can have similar benefits without invasive injuries.  Think of LED Light Therapy having broad systemic benefits, while the laser pinpoints pain and injuries.  Together Lasers and LEDs are a powerful combination.
Pictured to right is the first lighting of the ‘ATP’ prototype in “POLY” format.  Powerful! Read More.
ATP LED Light Therapy
ATP copper partial open green

Targeting with Multiple LED Light Therapy Wavelengths

Like a multivitamin supplement, different LED Light Therapy wavelengths may trigger different reactions in the cells.  As the science of photobiomodulation research improves we believe that wavelengths, pulse and dose will become more specialized.   A Spa owner interested in skincare might be better suited with a mid energy system.  A doctor stimulating cell production might find shorter treatment times are better for their patients.  A professional athlete might find that a fully polychromatic system with extraordinary power is best to reach deep into the tissues and cells.

Understanding the effects of each wavelength, pulse and dose can help system designers target treatment outcomes for certain populations.  In 2019 for example,  researchers have begun studying the effects of the Green’s and Blues because the benefits suggest a different pathway is activated than previously thought. Read more.

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Optimum Dose

Irradiance, or the intensity of LED Light Therapy on the body multiplied by time equals the dose.  The term for dose is a Joule.  if the combination of treatment time and irradiance is too high, the benefits of the treatment can reverse. If the combination of treatment time and irradiance is too low, the benefits may not occur at all, or the clients will take longer to turn the corner.

According to Dr. Hamblin, the optimum dose 30 – 60 mw/cm2 with a cumulative dose under 100 mw/cm2 is both safe, fast and optimal for most conditions.  ARRC LED’s ATP and ATP RF systems meet Dr. Hamblins recommended optimal dosing standard both cumulatively and per wavelength.  The lights simply cannot get much more powerful without slowing the benefit curve through overdosing.  ATP RF creates incredible dose and pulse variants that take what are already optimized lights into higher and higher levels of efficacy.

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Bob Lemon Lemon Lights
Red NIR LED Light Therapy Bed

Whole Body LED Light Therapy Bed

The objective of whole body photobiomodulation beds or full body LED light therapy is to create systemic benefits of detoxification, improved circulation and improved energy throughout the entire body.

Changing the health of the cells changes the health of the entire body.  This is a systemic rejuvenation and rebalancing of the entire body.  You just bet better.

LED Light Therapy Bed’s can have immediate benefits of pain relief and per our system owners they impriove outcomes for people facing recovery issues that require medications or healing time.  Many healthy people who do not have pain, injury or performance as benchmarks will see more subtle changes in their bodies, which might include improved sleep, better energy, less pain after strenuous workouts and more energy.

Extended use of LED Light Therapy can create profound changes in the human body. LED Light Therapy Beds are about healthier lives.  Pain relief and performance benefits can be immediate, but what we really want is to live healthier, happier… longer. Read more.

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Understanding the Physics of LED Light Therapy

Different light wavelengths and intensities can create different outcomes in the body. If we know the wavelength and intensity, then we should be able to direct the system to create predictable reactions in the body. In this section we offer a high level explanation of the physics of light as applied to our systems. Read more.

LED light spectrum showing infrared wavelength nm
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