LED or Laser?

LED or laser light

LED or Laser?

The First Law of Photodynamics states that light must be absorbed to be effective.  For light to be absorbed it must have the right level of intensity at the skin.   This intensity is called irradiance. Irradiance over time is a common measure of the PBM dose, which we calculate in Joules.  Think of a joule like 10 milligrams of aspirin.

Lasers produce coherent or highly focused light.  Lasers can cut and burn and they can penetrate deep into cells to help reduce pain in joints.

LED’s produce incoherent or scattered light in very intense and focused wavelengths. LEDs can be intense enough to penetrate 2 – 4  cm into the body and be absorbed by the cells. Infrared light penetrates farthest, Red’s penetrate the skin and green and blue are more intense energies that have lower levels of penetration.

Studies have shown that LASERS and LED’s can have similar effects depending on the intensity.  Lasers are much more effective for invasive procedures designed to cut or burn and they can be more effective in relieving deeper joint pain.  LED’s are non-invasive (do not cut or burn) but researchers suggest that the right dose can have similar benefits without the invasive injuries.




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