Light therapy has an optimum Dose

Optimum Dose

PBM is ‘biphasic’ in its doese.

If the energy is under-delivered the system does not work to trigger changes. The right energy will stimulate (biostimulation) cell growth. At a certain point (Arndt Schultz), the biostimulatory benefits peak. If energies are increased beyond this peak level, then the benefits begin to fall off. It does not necessarily produce negative side effects, but the gains begin to reverse.

Dose is a function of time and energy. The higher the energy in the LED array, the shorter the treatment time. Studies suggest that 2.7 – 20 joules per cm2 of skin may be an optimal dose. Generally increasing the intensity of NIR will increase the heat dispersed into the cells.

Our objective at the ARRC LED is to deliver enough energy to stimulate positive cellular changes without overdosing the total energies and potentially lose the benefits gained.

So optimum dose in ARRC LED systems is designed to trigger changes without heating the cells. While our systems are high energy, those energies are spread among 5 active wavelengths and pulsed.

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