ATP RF – Investigational Medical Device

Diagnosis Based Pulse Augmentation

Alternative modalities like Rife, Radio Frequency, PEMF, and TENS use electronic pulsing to create frequency resonance within the living cell.

ATP RF (patent pending), creates biological frequency resonance whereby the external vibration delivered via photons matches and amplifies the precise vibration of the target cell or organ. ATP RF utilizes a preset series of protocols that augment a physician’s diagnosis. ATP RF is an Investigational Medical Device.

ATP RF Photobiomodulation Therapy Beds

A healthy organ might for example, have a pulse rate of 10.5 hertz. If we can vibrate the lights then at 10.5 hertz for the correct period of time, then theoretically it may entrain that organ to vibrate at its healthy frequency. The value in this might be to bring an organ that is not functioning optimally into its optimal zone.

Theoretically, in the same manner, that PEMF, TENS, and Rife work, a full-body light bed may deliver predetermined frequency sets to build cellular health and thus “vibrate away” from conditions like inflammation. This study on whole-body vibration (WBV) suggests that vibration reduces inflammatory markers for fibromyalgia.

Conversely, by increasing the time of that entrainment, resonance could amplify the cellular vibration of a toxic parasite to a point where it actually breaks down the parasite, microbe, or tixic cellular mass. Think of the voice singing that shatters a wine glass. This is resonance. What this might mean is that vibration, if delivered insufficient energy and time, could break apart a pathogen by vibrating the cell to its breaking point.

This theory is being proven out in clinical trials. In the video below by Professor Holland, he shows how plasma waves are capable of destroying cancer cells within about 3 minutes using resonance. They further demonstrate that 25% to as much as 40% of the cells can be destroyed. This is perhaps one of the most exciting developments in medicine. NovoCure is a company that has shown that cancer cells will break apart in very specific frequencies that are delivered in the 100,000 to 300,000 hertz range.

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