Targeting, Dose and multiple Wavelnegths

Targeting, Dose & Multiple Wavelengths

Dose in Light Therapy is measured in joules which breaks down into irradiant energy (brightness on the skin) times seconds.

A full body system is typically low in terms of energy per cm2 of energy hitting the surface skin. Since it irradiates the entire body, the cumulative energy can be quite large. 10 Joules/cm2 could be equivalent to 10,000 Joules of energy delivered to the body. This is a huge dose of energy..

A multiwave system is a system that delivers multiple energies. Green for example is a surface energy that is thought to affect the quality of blood cells, while 810 nm near infrared might penetrate deepest into the body to affect connective tissues, muscles and organs. A continuous current system might be felt as heat while a pulsed system might be felt as tingling. So by varying the light we can vary the outcomes.

At the ARRC LED, we believe that light therapy is like a multi vitamin. With a multiwave system the cells are being supplemented with multiple healing signatures, reaching into different depths of the body based on the wavelength, in an extraordinarily safe mid level dose to create a broad systemic benefit to the body.

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