Arrc Led Understanding Audiobiomodulation

Understanding Audiobiomodulation

Our objective with the EDGE is wellness, and wellness is as much a function of mind as body. Chronic stress is damaging to the entire body. If we can reduce stress through the pathway of relaxation, then we can reduce the toxic load on the body and accelerate the benefits of each session. We invite you to practice the Coherence Process daily. You can learn more about the incredible benefits of Heart Mind Coherence at

Relaxation and meditation have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Trans4m! is a system that was created in 2012 with the intention to help people optimize their mental performance. The entire system contains over 60 one hour downloads and each download is designed to create a slightly different state of mind. You can learn more at

Inside the EDGE, you are instructed to relax, breathe deep and when the wind-chimes start allow yourself to move into coherence.

Instructions for the self regulation technique of Coherence:

  1. Listen to the recording through earbuds.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nose. As the session progresses attempt to slow your breath to 5 – 8 counts comfortably. Inhale 5 counts and exhale 5 counts.
  3. At 5 minutes you will hear wind-chimes. This is the signal to start entering coherence.
  4. When you start hearing the wind-chimes bring your attention to your heart.
  5. Continuing a slow steady breath through your nose, allow yourself to feel a warm light radiate from your heart.
  6. Feeling this light, allow yourself to focus on something or someone you are grateful for. The feeling of gratitude or compassion is important.

This feeling of relaxed gratitude radiating from the heart is a state called psychophysiological coherence.

5 minutes of coherence, according to research by the Heart Math Institute in Boulder Creek CA, can reduce Cortisol (the death hormone) by 43% and increase DHEA (the antiaging hormone by 100%).

You may purchase this recording along with 4 additional recordings for $19.95. Those recordings include:

  • a 2 hour sleep induction loop, (2) 1 hour conscious focus loop, (3) a 15 minute Change your Emotions loop and (4) 2 hour deep relaxation loop. This includes a complete description of the process and how to use the system.