Whole Body Photobiomodulation

ArrcLed Whole body photobiomodulation

Whole Body Photobiomodulation

Systemic effects of PBM Research shows that if you illuminate the belly of a rat, the wound on the back will heal faster. It is kind of like saying if we treat the elbow, the knee will get better.  We might for example see changes in brain function, even though we are not illuminating the brain.

The objective of whole body PBM then is to create systemic benefits of detoxification, improved circulation and improved energy throughout the entire body.  Changing the health of the cells changes the health of the entire body.   The effects may not be as immediate as a laser, but the long-term benefits of gradual whole body changes can be profound.

Traditional studies of PBM were based on localized treatments.  Traditional research used LED probes to illuminate a small wound or treatment area. One of the larger studies posted on the NIH website used 10 LED modules to deliver a total of 41 joules per module or 410 total joules of energy, and the results were positive.

The human body may have 1600 – 2000 square cm’s of skin surface depending on the size of the individual. Whole body light therapy illuminates a huge surface area of the body with what should be safe yet effective doses of energy. The cumulative dose can be incredible, but the relative energy per cm2 can remain both stimulatory and safe.

The bench that the subject lays on may deliver 12 joules/cm2 to 500 cm2 of surface skin on the back as the focal point of the LED beam is correct. That means delivering 500/cm2 x 12 J = 6,000 Joules of energy.

The front of the body is farther away from the LED’s depending on the contours of the body. As the distance to the LED increases, the levels of irradiance on the skin decreases. If we assume 1/4th of the total irradiance or an average of 3 joules for the remaining 1200 cm2 of skin, then we have 1200 cm2 x 3 J = 3600 Joules.

6,000 + 3600 = 9600 Joules of cumulative energy delivered to the entire body. This is over 20 times to total energy delivered in one of the largest illumination studies completed.

A Whole Body PhotoBioModulation Chamber delivers a massive amount of cumulative energy, but in lower doses of energy that stimulate cellular changes that benefit the entire body. 



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