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The ATP and ATP RF Photobiomodulation Bed


“You have the best (LED light therapy) technology”
Dr. Penny

ARRC LED is a Global Leader in Full Body LED Light Therapy with a selection of photobiomodulation beds for different needs and budgets.

The ARRC’s, ATP and ATP RF* photobiomodulation beds offer:

Programmable Wave Lengths
Programmable Pulse
MultiVariate Pulse
*Condition Specific Pulsing Protocols

ATP is a 220V, 30 Amp, 5000 Watt machine of extraordinary irradiance.

ATP and ATP RF are the most powerful, technologically advanced LED Light Therapy Beds on the planet…period.

More important, the per wavelength energies in each of the Red and Near Infrared wavelengths fall within the 30 – 60 mw/cm2 performance zone recommended by Dr Hamblin.  ATP is dose optimized for individual wavelengths, not just cumulative energy.  Most manufacturers quote cumulative energy at it’s most powerul point which is misleading.  Wavelength optimization means that the unique biological responses of each wavelength are optimized for maximum penetration into the body.


Bigger is Not Better, but ATP is pretty huge! Our LED Light Therapy mission is ‘in the zone’ power per wavelength of 30 – 60 for the 4 Red/NIR wavelengths with total cumulative dose delivery just under 90 mw/cm2.  Mission accomplished!  The ATP System’s powerful cumulative energies are just under 90mw/cm2, meaning that effective treatments are reported in 3 – 5 minutes.  While ATP may be effective in 3 – 5 minutes, we recommend treatment times of 8 – 15 minutes once a person is accustomed to the energy.

“I knew this was a powerful system so I started my clients at
3 minutes and then gradually increased time (dose).  I had a
number of clients getting pain relief in the first 3 minute session!”

Mark Rise,  Muscle Restoration Therapy


Per our advisor Dr. Hamblin, arguably the leading authority worldwide in photobiomodulation research, the optimum ‘per wavelength’ dose in LED Light Therapy is 30 – 60mw/cm2.  The ARRC LED ATP system is dose optimized to fit safely and effectively within the optimal energy intensity for both the canopy and bench.  Using the planet’s top Red and Near Infrared LED manufacturer, we asked our engineers to limit the irradiance to stay within the safe zone for a full body LED light therapy bed.  Bigger is not better, but ATP is pretty huge!

ATP is as powerful as one can get without overpowering in both
cumulative dose and per wavelength dose.


The ARRC LED works directly with our owners.  This means more accurate information, service and at a substantially better price.   We encourage anyone shopping for a full body system to include us in their research by calling us direct.  Online comparisons of LED Light Therapy Beds are often misleading on benefits, price, service, warranties, origin and more.   Distributors add 15-25% onto the cost of a machine for their commissions.

We invite you to call us direct at 855.502.2772 and learn from the actual designers and engineers.  Find out why World and Corporate leaders, Professional Sports franchises and doctors chose the ARRC after evaluating all prospects.

Call for Manufacturer
Direct Pricing



ARRC System ‘performance based owners’ include NFL franchises, Premier Soccer team, Collegiate sports teams and recovery centers worldwide. The United States Military has chosen the ARRC ATP system, after, evaluating competitors. Leaders of countries, CEO’s, MD’s, DC’s, alternative wellness centers and spas own and succeed using ARRC LED Light Therapy systems. Athletic trainers and strength coaches in these franchises that evaluate ATP against the competition have chosen ATP.   If it’s good enough fo them, we think you will like it, too.

We believe that our new ATP RF will create a new category of Medical Grade LED Light Therapy Bed.  The possibilities for this patent pending photobiomodulation bed  delivering conditions specific protocols are extraordinary.

Obsolescence avoided:  ARRC LED presents LED Light Therapy beds that range from the affordable EDGE ONE to the performance based ATP to the medical grade ATP RF. ARRC LED is developing two new portable systems. With the ARRC LED your ownership experience allows you to trade in or trade up.

Compelling Science for LED Light Therapy



Whole Body Photobiomodulation Bed (LED Light) Therapy is a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. This non invasive therapy simultaneously affects Wellness, Cognition, Aesthetics and Performance. You just get better!

The positive cellular actions of detoxication, improved circulation, improved mitochondrial function (energy) coupled with an overall reduction in inflammation send a cascade of positive cellular changes downstream that “may benefit nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body”.  Dr Hamblin.


The evidence on LED Light Therapy is supported in over 4000 clinical trials and 500 RCT’s is clear.

The research suggests:

Wellness Benefits may accrue from minor aches and pains to root cause healing of deep seated health conditions from continued use of LED Light Therapy.

Cognitive Benefits have been shown with TBI, CTE’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons disease and more with Near Infrared Light Therapy.

Aesthetic Benefits Like a facial for the entire body, increases in Collagen thickness and Elastin tightening may improve skintone for face and body using visible Red Light Therapy.

*  Performance Benefits for athletes may include improvement in Strength, Speed, Endurance and it is shown to provide a Protective function against mechanical injuries that may occur in competition, speeding recovery time.



PBM works and it works big. The research is clear.  Powerful full body photobiomodulation bed’s like ATP and ATP RF present a broad range of benefits that amplify quickly and cross over into aesthetics, performance, wellness, pain relief and cognition.   You just get better!

These benefits reach nearly every condition with positive benefits and little to no side effects.

The challenge for an owner is what system is the best choice. The market will get crowded and choices will often boil down to who has a better sales pitch or invests the most into advertising.  Online comparisons often skew the information to presented to the benefit of the represented product.  In our view, that is not the right criteria.

At the ARRC LED we love to hear how users are benefitting, and we will always strive to create Better. As innovation leads to higher efficacies, we will study, create and then introduce that new system to the market… offering owners the ability to to trade up to the latest system. Obsolescence is avoided!

We want for you to always have the choice and option to have the best of the best in the industry and the latest in technology and innovation through our trade in / up system.

In 2019 alone we are adding two revolutionary systems to called ATP – RF and ATP PRO that will create a new standard for care. Owners who invest into ATP will have the option to upgrade. The lights… are as good as they are going to get over the next 4 – 6 years. Its the treatment combinations that will advance PBM.

ATP is already called the ‘best of the bunch’ by several professional teams, corporate execs, medical doctors, the US Military and even a few world leaders. If its good enough for them we think you’ll like it also!

ATP’s new patent pending medical version ATP RF, will again be a game changer in the field of Full Body LED Light Therapy and Energy Medicine.

Innovation is inspired by passion. The ARRC LED is propelled by the passions of our owners to take LED Light Therapy to the next… and again next level.

We invite you to Join us!

Call Us at 855.502.2772

ATP and ATP RF* Photobiomodulation Beds

Engineered, Designed and Built in the USA


“With cryotherapy my clients feel better fast,
with the ARRC, they get better.”
Charles Smith, Chill Zone Cryo

  • German LED’s for highest lighting and power efficiencies, brightest irradiance and efficacies
  • LED lifetime rating over 200,000 hours for decades of use
  • Engineered, Designed, Built and Sourced in the United States
  • Modular Design for ease of access to make changes and upgrades as innovations arise
  • Super strong aluminum alloy frameset designed for decades of use in an XL size frameset for professional athletes
  • ‘In the zone’ irradiance delivers perfected power PER wavelength optimizing each wavelength’s penetration and benefits
  • Cumulative irradiance in high 80’s reduces treatment time (5 – 15 min)
  • Can comfortably reach Dr. Hamblins suggested 100,000 Joule recommendation
  • Multiple wavelengths for Unique Biological Responses
  • 528, 633, 660, 810 & 850 nm wavelength choices
  • * Programmable multiple wavelengths creates customizable protocols if desired (recommend POLY)
  • * Programmable pulse options creates customizable protocols in the RF system (patent pending)
  • Multivariate pulse allows for multiple frequency pulsing in a single session (patent pending)
  • Preset Anti-Inflammatory pulse rate
  • Continuous current option for maximum dose and shorter sessions for quicker turn in the system
  • * Patent Pending pulse protocols will lead technology for decades and “help benefit the medical industry”
  • * Patent pending integrative therapy will lead technology for decades and create an entirely new treatment modality
  • * Condition specific protocol programming will lead technology for decades (patent pending)
  • Touch screen with simplified controls and wifi capability
  • Customizable color options for your custom facility.


No photobiomodulation bed manufacturer offers the range, value and quality that the ARRC LED presents in the ATP system.  With ARRC LED’s patent pending innovations for Whole Body Photobiomodulation Bed technology, high quality ISO 9001 US based and sourced manufacturing and aggressive pricing strategies, the ARRC is the number one choice worldwide for LED Light Therapy.

Call Us at 855.502.2772

Feel, Think, Look and Perform, Better with
the ATP and ATP RF Full Body Photobiomodulation Bed.

The benefits of a full body photobiomodulation bed are inclusive of multiple treatments within multiple markets.  Often people experience simultaneous benefits that they did not expect.

One might for example be seeking relief from back pain as a presenting issue.  As the back pain releases, they might also find that their skin gets softer and hair gets thicker with some even losing grey.  While their back pain is released and skin looking better, they find that their medications for pain, or insulin or arthritis are now being lowered by their doctor.  They might find that their sleep is deeper, workouts stronger and energy is higher.

The ARRC LED is FDA registered and can make the claim of relief for minor aches and pains.  We cannot and do not make any other claims and suggest that while some may experience the benefits above, others may not.  Always seek medical advice when treating a condition and any person on medications should monitor their medication requirements with their physician whill receiving whole body PBM treatments.

Aesthetic Benefits:  Collagen thickening of 138 – 211% is reported in studies suggesting that photobiomodulation may improve skintone for some and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Green is a vary powerful surface energy that may be effective for bacterial and viral conditions and it has been shown in studies to actually outperfrom red/NIR for wound healing.

Cogitive Benefits: LED Light Therapy, particularly Near Infrared, has been shown in research to be extraordinary for helping people with brain injuries or in cognitive decline.  CTE’s and TBI seem to respond well to Near Infrared energies in the brain.  Numerous reports of veterans with PTSD have been reported as well as cases where Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferers imrpoving to the point where they can again speak, recall and comprehend.  As Dr. Mercola states photobiomodulation with Near Infrared light may be a powerful mediator for the ‘tsunami of future Alzheimer’s patients’ that are expected to flood the nation as baby boomers become elderly.

Performance Benefits: Athletic performance has been shown to be enhanced by photobiomodulation in all the right ways.  Athletes seem to increase single rep max (strength), total reps prior to failure (endurance) and total reps within a given period of time (speed).  It goes without saying that an athlete who is stronger, faster and has more endurance will be more successful.  We anticipate that PBM will be a staple for every professional and high level elite athlete.  In fact the ATP system is used by professional franchises, universities and the military.

In addition to the performance enhancing benefits of LED Light Therapy research suggests the athlete is protected during competition from fatigue and injury.

Wellness Benefits: This category of benefit is too broad to begin to touch in a few short words.  Generally speaking people are finding reductions in pain and inflammation from conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, injury, surgery and even neurological issues.  People are reporting that their alergies are releasing, their sleep is improved and their energy is better.

Call Us at 855.502.2772

Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better with the ATP Full Body Photobiomodulation System.

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