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Whole Body Photobiomodulation Beds

Cutting Edge LED Light Therapy…  You Just Get Better

Compelling Research:  4000+ clinical trials, 500+ RCT’s and 20+ years of results confirm that Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMt)  can help people feel, think, look and perform better.   Full body photobiomodulation (LED Light Therapy) bed’s are extraordinary tools to deliver LED Light Therapy benefits to the entire body.  Even hardcore photobiomodulation researchers suggest the benefits seem ‘too good to be true.’   Harvard/MIT researcher, Dr. Michael Hamblin describes photobiomodulation therapy as follows: [1]

Advances in understanding of PBM mechanisms of action at a molecular and cellular level, have provided a scientific rationale for its use for multiple diseases. PBM has an almost complete lack of reported adverse effects, provided the parameters are understood at least at a basic level. The remarkable range of medical benefits provided by PBM, has led some to suggest that it may be “too good to be true”. 

Surprising side effects:  LED Light Therapy at the right dose is not only noninvasive but the side effects can be both positive and surprising.  One might for example use a whole body photobiomodulation bed with the intention of releasing back pain and find that they also sleep better, workout harder with less soreness and their hair gets thicker.   Another person might be using a bed for weight loss and find that their skintone gets better and their pain releases.  The side effects for many are both surprising and positive!

PBMt Mechanisms:  While all of the mechanisms of action are still uncertain, the abundance of research from clinical trials suggests that a broad range of diagnostic applications may benefit from supplementation with LED Light Therapy.   In practice many acknowledge that augmentation with LED LIght Therapy is helping people feel better, improve performance, sharpen cognitive function, reduce pain and augment whole body health and wellness.   The treatment outcomes users experience in practice often exceed the predictions of research. 

Regulatory Disclaimer: The FDA has concluded that due to the inherent safety of low level light therapy, light therapy devices may be offered OTC for relief from minor aches and pains.  The ARRC LED makes no claims as to the effectiveness of its devices other than minor aches and pains.  Statements expressed within this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.   

ARRC LED Mission:  ARRC LED’s mission is to explore and expand possibilities.  Our mission is to innovate and deliver LED Light Therapy options that are designed, built and sourced in the United States to the highest standards at competitive prices.  Considered the leader in technological innovation, ARRC LED is patent pending for a number of innovations we believe will push LED light Therapy to even greater levels of efficacy.

‘Best of the Bunch’:   Professional sports franchises, cutting edge doctors and researchers in the US Military that both understand PBM and have invested their time into evaluating choices pick the ARRC’s ATP and ATP RF systems.  The mission of this website is to help readers understand why.

The purpose of this website is to  merge the wisdom that photobiomodulation researchers are learning in the lab with the experiences that professional athletes, doctors and owners are having in their practices.  We’ll share what researchers are suggesting works best and why, and make distinctions between how systems are built, measured and presented to meet those parameters.

The market in 2020 presents a number of LED Light Therapy bed  choices that differ in quality, power, efficacy and price.  Experts who take the time to evalute the choices call the ATP system ‘Best of the Bunch’.

PBMt Forum:  We encourage you to call us direct with questions (855.502.2772) and join our Owner’s Forum to learn more.  Dr Michael Hamblin, a world renown expert on PBMT is retained as a consultant for ARRC LED to help us answer questions.   2 Day Practice Development Workshops are available to help our system owners develop a successful commercial practice that mixes Laser and LED Light Therapy.

Global Photobiomodulation Bed Innovator:  Top Influencers in professional sports, medical and wellness call the ARRC LED ATP System ‘Best of the bunch.’  ARRC LED Light Therapy Beds are owned by CEO’s, World Leaders, Celebrities, Professional Sports Franchises, the United States Military and cutting edge doctors worldwide.  These influencers chose ATP and ATP RF for power, efficacy, quality and innovation.

If the best in their fields recommend ARRC LED Light Therapy,
we think you’ll be happy also.

Powerful, Precise and Balanced:   Photobiomodulation (LED Light Therapy) works and it works big, free of side effects when presented in the correct dose and pulse.  The ARRC LED’s ATP and ATP RF systems are dose optimized (1) Per Wavelength, (2)  Per Cumulative Peak Intensity and (3) for Pulse based on research into dosing and the advice of Dr Hamblin.  This is a important because we want to maximize the effectiveness of each healing signature and simultaneously stay well under the peak intensity.

Precise is an important consideration.  Bigger is not better.  Doctors dont recommend 12 aspirin, they recommend 2.  The same applies to light therapy.  We want the right dose, both per wavelength and cumulatively.  Over dosing quickly reduces the benefits and can damage the cells.

Optimum Efficacy:  What this precise power means is the ARRC LED systems present the optimum treatment outcome, with the broadest reach, in the shortest time frame, with positive side effects.  It means delivering the precise power to penetrate deeper into the body to better access organs and systems and do so without overdosing and reducing benefits.  This is what you want.

USA:  The ARRC LED system configurations are designed, built and sourced in USA with top tier German LED’s for decades of use.

Systems Menu:  ARRC LED’s Whole Body Photobiomodulation Beds present unique solutions for unique markets.

  • ATP RF is positioned for medical doctors to augment medical diagnostics with predetermined pulsing protocols.
  • ATP is a programmable 5 wavelength, dose optimized system for the home, peak performance and wellness markets.
  • MAX presents an ultra powerful yet affordable Red, Near Infrared system for commercial, spa and home users.
  • PRO is a portable system of extraordinary irradiance for professional athletes.  (protoyping now)
  • EQPET is an elite level full body blanket designed for horse racing and in smaller portions for pets.  (protoyping now)

Global PBMt Leader
Discover why medical practictioners and professional sport franchises say ARRC LED leads this exciting new field

System Specs
Learn what comparison points to look for and what to ignore as hype

ATP and ATP RF in 2020

“The Game Changer!”

“Game Over! If you can pulse multiple wavelengths within the same session and create preset pulse combinations, you have a Game Changer.”
Dr. Penny, 100 Mile Center

“You come out with a Rife machine in a light bed and Game Over! I couldn’t be happier, We are running 10-15 sessions a day in the bed without even trying.”
Marc Ainsworth, Body Centre – California

“ARRC’s new system is the best in the bunch. You guys seem to have the best technology.”
Mark Stephenson, Detroit Lions

“Our players love the bed.  Definitely a lot more intense than (top competitor).”
Dr. Joshua Hagen, WVU

“I felt the power immediately. Sexy work of art you created.’ ‘Lots of good feedback so far with the new bed, everyone feels a difference in intensity and feel good after their first sessions.”
Josh Crawford, Genoa Integrative Health

“The ARRC has been a game changer for our clients.”
Meco Choats, Sienna Cryo – Texas

“ATP is amazing. I'm doing 20-25 sessions a day, and my clients are getting pain relief in 5 minutes. This is after only 30 days with your bed in my practice.”
Mark Rise, Muscle Restoration – Fort Collins, Colorado

“The ARRC is the real deal. My athletes are going stronger and people are getting better.”
Bill Hanks, Cryo Revovery – Houston, Texas

ATP System Distinctions:    Per Dr Michael Hamblin, one of the top researchers in the field of photobiomodulation, the optimal intensity per wavelength should be 30 – 60 mw/cm2 with top end cumulative power under 100mw/cm2.  Accomplishing these goals means we gain maximum penetration for each wavelength which optimizes each healing signature and yet remains under the 100 mw/cm2 ceiling that might damage cells.

Bigger is not better in LED Light Therapy, we want the right energy.* 

ATP and ATP RF Energy Profiles

ATP and ATP RF in 2020 achieves an average cumulative irradiance at 83.9 mw/cm2, with Red and Near InfraRed intensities in the 30 – 60 mw/cm2 zone.  Quoted rates are based on laboratory evaluations at the correct focal points from Osram Semiconductor.  Powerful and Precise.  No other system accomplishes this.  This is what you want.  

ATP delivers the right energies, top and bottom, more of them, with patent pending pulse augmentation protocols and capabilities up to 400,000 hz.  No other system does this.

ATP is designed, built and sourced in the USA, with premier German LED’s rated at 200,000+ hours.  This is 2 – 4 times the lifespan of our competitors.

  • Balanced Cumulative Irradiance canopy and bench averages 80mw/cm2 ** 
  • 5 unique wavelengths Optimized for maximum penetration depth
  • Diagnostic pulse protocol options up to 400,000 hz

* Often manufacturers quote the highest peak energy (up to) in the system with a goal of boasting bigger is better.  This misleads buyers into believing that the entire system delivers these ‘up to’ energies.  What you want to know is average cumulative irradiance.

Read how distance affects irradiance

What you in fact want is a system that is dose optimized per wavelength at 30 – 60mw/cm2, presents cumulative energy for the entire system under 100mw/cm2, and is balanced well between the canopy and bench so that dose on the front of the body is same as the back. Mission Accomplished!


Eagles Facility using our Photobiomodulation bed

Why ARRC LED Light Therapy?

Why is it that World Leaders, Corporate Titans, Celebrities, Professional Sports Franchises and Medical Doctors who after taking the time to evaluate Photobiomodulation Beds now own and call the ARRC’s ATP and ATP RF LED Light Therapy Bed ‘Best of the Bunch.”   

Here are a few reasons:

  • Premier Osram LEDs Rated at 200,000+ hours:   No other system publishes over 100,000 hours
  • Patent Pending:   ATP RF Augments Medical Diagnostics via targeted protocols
  • Patent Pending:   ATP RF Integrates Modalities  of PBMt inphase with PEMF and TENS
  • Patent Pending:   ATP & ATP RF presents Simultaneous Multiwave Pulsing Protocols
  • Patent Pending:   ATP RF presents Sound Light Therapy integration within a LED Light Bed
  • Wavelength Optimized Energy:    ATP & ATP RF are Dose Optimized each of 5 unique wavelengths to speed treatment efficacy
  • Balanced Front and Back:  Most systems are powerful on the bench but weak on the canopy or front of body. ATP presents dose optimized balance – Front and Back. Call 855.502.2772 for energetic comparison
  • Shielded to minimize EMF’s 
  • Six Individually Controlled LED Light Therapy strings
  • Intelligent Control Systems:  Allows the operator to choose the perfect protocol, pulse and wavelength
  • Decades of Performance:   ARRC LED Therapy beds are designed and built for decades of performance
  • Value:  Our mission is to get this incredible technology in the hands of everyone and our commitment includes reducing our margins to create as affordable a product is possible given the technological investments made.
  • Obsolescence Avoided:   ARRC SYSTEMS may be traded up for the retail to retail difference in price between systems. As this incredible technology grows, our owners can trade up into newer more expensive technology. The lights are about as good as they are going to get in ATP, but the innovations in pulsing and cross modality combinations will create ever increasing opportunities. What this also means is that we have trade ins that allow for entrée into this market at a much lower initial cost.
  • Leading Innovation:   ARRC LED is referred to as the ‘game changer’  by system owners
  • Designed, Built and Sourced in USA – Top Tier German LEDs
  • ATP XL Frame:  ATP’s aluminum alloy frame set is 86.5″ x 37″ with light coverage area of 7′

Simply, ARRC LED Light Therapy beds present cutting-edge innovations and technology for the fastest session times and most broad reaching treatment outcomes available today.  This is what you want!


Bigger is Not Better, but ATP is pretty huge!  ATP is as powerful as it can be without overdosing.

Dose is Irradiance (mw/cm2 on the skin) x Time (seconds) = Joules.

Proper light therapy dosing is a function of (1) the wavelength used, (2) irradiance per wavelength, (3) cumulative irradiance and (4) time irradiated.  If we light the cells up with too much intensity (100 mw/cm2 and more) or for too long (total Joules) or too frequently, then the benefits of the LED Light Therapy Treatment will likely fall off.

At 100mw/cm2, many will receive less, not more benefits.  People vary in how they respond to light.  15-25% will be hypersensitive to the energy, 15% will get no response and the balance make a relatively predictable base.

ARRC LED ATP and ATP RF systems are engineered to deliver:

Optimal Wavelength Intensity

Optimal Cumulative Intensity

Optimal Pulsing Intensity

Diverse Healing Signature Variation

Balanced and Adjustable power between the canopy and bench

What you want is power that optimizes the effects of each healing signature without creating damage.  You want this to be balanced between the canopy and the bench so the system does not cook the back of the body while the front remains unaffected.   You want it to occur without excessive EMF’s.   Bigger is not better.  You want the right energies delivered within the correct time frame.

Distance and Balance:  LED’s have a logarithmic relation of intensity (irradiation) to distance.  As a general rule for every inch an LED is away from the body, the intensity drips to 1/4th.  What this means is an irradiance of 80 at the focal point might drop to 20 at 1″ further away from the focal point, and 5 at another inch.   If the quoted energy is 80 on the bench but the distance to the body on the canopy is 7″, the machine will treat the back of the body adequately while presenting zero benefit for the front of the body.  It is important to ask your supplier for both canopy and bench measurements.

ATP, unlike any other system is  wavelength optimized, dose optimized, pulse optimized and balanced between the canopy and bench.

You don’t want more energy, that can become irresponsible, you want the right amount. The optimal treatment times for ATP 2020 are recommended at 3 – 10 minutes delivering the perfect dose per wavelength.  Dose Optimized?  Mission accomplished! 

Panels verse Whole Body LED Light Therapy Beds:  The ATP LED Light Therapy beds create a precise dose that is controllable because the body actually lays on the bed at the correct focal point.  The canopy should be adjustable to keep the LEDs at the top focal point.   ATP is dose optimized at 1.5″ from the acrylic, which is adjustable by closing the canopy or opening based on girth of the body.

Panel lights typically utilize much more powerful LEDs.  The distance to the body is controlled based on the will of the user.  Some might want to stand a few inches away from the panels, which means the dose is actually too high and can create cellular damage.  Or they might stand too far from the light meaning the dose is too small with minimal benefit.

It is kind of like pedaling a bike verse riding in a Limousine.  They both get you where you want to go.  They both deliver energy to the body.  In the bike you have to balance and pedal to get where you want to go and it is a lot less costly.  If you dont balance correctly you might crash (over dose).

The Limousine is pure luxury.  No balance, no pedaling and no crashing.  The system drives you, it does it fast, safe and comfortably and it gets you precisely where you want to go.  The Limo has amenities a bike can never provide.  It is more costly because it does more.  The system drives you.

If you prefer the Limo, then you want ATP.   

Mechanisms of action
Learn what photobiomodulation researchers are suggesting PBMt effects the cells

Read diagnosis specific clinical trials white pages for Photobiomodulation research categorized here


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“I am addicted to the incredible ATP system! I’ve done over 20 sessions now and just like you said, I feel better and better after each session.”
Jim Marks, Executive Tan – Denver CO

“I am addicted to the light bed!”
Ennia, Physical Therapist, United States Air Force

“I couldn't be happier! We are doing 10-15 sessions a day really without even trying.”
Mark, Body Centre, Newport Beach, CA

New York Giants football facility using our whole body photobiomodulation bed

Class Leading Inovation, Power & Value


No photobiomodulation bed manufacturer offers the range, value and quality that the ARRC LED presents in the ATP system. With ARRC LED’s patent pending innovations for Whole Body Photobiomodulation Bed technology, high quality ISO 9001 US based and sourced manufacturing and aggressive pricing strategies, the ARRC is the number one choice worldwide for LED Light Therapy.  Moreso, ARRC LED is pushing the technology envelope with extraordinary innovations.

ARRC LED will always strive to create Better.

  •  The lights on the ATP system are about as good as they can get within current dosing guidelines.  We simply do not want any more power.
  •  The next steps will innovate combination therapies that integrate multiple energy medicine modalites within the same system.   Mission Accomplished.
  •  The next steps will refine pulsing protocols to augment medical diagnostics.  Mission Accomplished.
  •  The next steps will create resonance options up to 400,000 herz that may prove to destoy pathogens.  Mission accomlished.
  •  The next steps will differentiate pulsing options within the same session for a desired outcome and preset those protocols with simple and smart controls.  Mission Accomplished
  •  The next steps will introduce new wavelengths that add unique healing signatures.  Mission Accomplished

As innovation leads to higher efficacies, we will study, create and then introduce that new system to the market… offering owners the ability to to trade up to the latest system.  Obsolescence is avoided!

ATP is already called the ‘best of the bunch’ by several professional teams, corporate execs, medical doctors and even a few world leaders. If its good enough for them we think you’ll like it also! ATP’s new patent pending medical version ATP RF, will again be a game changer in the field of Full Body LED Light Therapy and Energy Medicine. Innovation is inspired by passion. The ARRC LED is propelled by the passions of our owners to take LED Light Therapy to the next… and again next level.

We invite you to Join Us!

Photobiomodulation bed using green wavelength

Cutting Edge, Innovative Light Systems

The base system for the ATP LED Lighting includes 5 wavelengths that we theorize to each have individual healing signatures. Researchers are looking for new ways to explain what to date is not explained within traditional theories surrounding how photons affect the body.

Why Green?

Green is absorbed in the hemoglobin an oxyhemoglobin. A study published in December of 2019 suggested that green light can affect pain for migraines and mood. Green is a powerful surface energy that may prove in future research to be antiviral and antibacterial like blue. Blue has also been FDA approved for pain relief.

While we make no claims, what we have seen is that green seems to provide additional benefits for blood related issues and as well for skin. Research suggests green also is actually more beneficial for skin related wound healing than red.

ATP RF – Investigational Medical Device

Diagnosis Based Pulse Augmentation

Alternative modalities like Rife, Radio Frequency, PEMF and TENS use electronic pulsing to create frequency resonance within the living cell.

ATP RF (patent pending), creates biological frequency resonance whereby the external vibration delivered via photons matches and amplifies the precise vibration of the target cell or organ.  ATP RF utlizes a preset series of protocols that augment a physician’s diagnosis.  ATP RF is an Investigational Medical Device.

A healthy organ might for example, have a pulse rate of 10.5 hertz.  If we can vibrate the lights then at 10.5 hertz for the correct period of time, then theoretically it may entrain that organ to vibrate at it’s healthy frequency.  The value in this might be to bring an organ that is not functioning optimally into it’s optimal zone.

Theoretically, in the same manner that PEMF, TENS and Rife work, a full body light bed may deliver predetermined frequency sets to build cellular health and thus “vibrate away” from conditions like inflammation.  This study on whole body vibration (WBV) suggests that vibration reduces inflammatory markers for fibromyalgia.

Conversely, by increasing the time of that entrainment, resonance could amplify the cellular vibration of a toxic parasite to a point where it actually breaks down the parasite, microbe or tixic cellular mass. Think of the voice singing that shatters a wine glass. This is resonance. What this might mean is that vibration, if delivered in sufficient energy and time, could break apart a pathogen by vibrating the cell to its breaking point.

This theory is being proven out in clinical trials. In the video below by Professor Holland, he shows how plasma waves are capable of destroying cancer cells within about 3 minutes using resonance. They further demonstrate that 25% to as much as 40% of the cells can be destroyed. This is perhaps one of the most exciting developments in medicine.  NovoCure is a company that has shown that cancer cells will break apart in very specific frequencies that are delivered in the 100,000 to 300,000 hertz range.

“You come out with a Rife machine in a light bed and Game Over! I couldn’t be happier, We are running 10-15 sessions a day in the bed without even trying.”
Marc Ainsworth, Body Centre – California

“Game Over! If you can pulse multiple wavelengths within the same session and create preset pulse combinations, you have a Game Changer.”
Dr. Penny, 100 Mile Center


The movie Elysium told the tale of healing chamber that was available to the very wealthy. People who were deathly ill, if they had access to the chamber, could lie in it and get better. In 2016 a doctor called and as we talked about our new system and the direction this is going he said, “you know what you are doing don’t you? You are building the chamber in the movie Elysium.”

ARRC LED ATP RF is designed to reproduce proven frequency sets used by PEMF generators and Rife to deliver those sets through a full body photobiomodulation chamber. In addition ATP can run in phase with a PEMF plasma generator and deliver both photonic and electromagnetic energy within the same session.

Experimentally the ATP RF can modulate the pulsed frequencies in the bed for individual or multiple wavelengths as high as 400,000 hertz. We intend to enter the ATP RF into clinical trials to test the hypothesis that Biophotonic Resonance can have similar ability to destroy pathogens inside the body. Imagine what might happen if for example biophotonic pulsing energy could break apart lyme disease pathogens without heavy antiobiotics. Imagine a new tool to kill antibiotic resistant flue virus or malaria or even the common cold.

All of this is experimental and ARRC LED is only hypothesizing at this point whether it is even possible. Years of research would be required for this to both understood and then further approved as a treatment option, …but we’re doing it now.

Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better with the ATP Full Body Photobiomodulation System.

Learn more about Photobiomodulation Research here.

Watch Videos from doctors speaking about Photobiomodulation Research here.