Whole Body Photobiomodulation Beds

6 Wavelengths
3 Chromophore Targets Expand Efficacy
Resonant Frequency Protocols to 400,000 Hz
Co-Resonance Solfeggio and Nogier
PEMF integration
Scalar Integration
Scanning Integration
Designed and Built in USA

Trusted by World Leaders and World Champions

System owners include world leaders, corporate titans, world champions, the US Military, and some of the most innovative medical professionals on the planet. They routinely, after analyzing and even owning multiple brands, call ARRC LED the "Best of the Bunch."

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New York Giants
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • West Virginia University Football
  • West Virginia University Basketball
  • US Army
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Air Force
  • US Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Camp Lejeune
  • Ohio State University
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • "Mike, there is something going on with the quantum codes, this is amazing"

    rating image

    Lesa Smith
    Chill Zone Cryo

  • "I didnt know a light bed could be so different"

    rating image

    Dr. Penny
    after upgrading his
    ATP Base to the RFQ

  • "You guys are light years ahead of the competition, no one else is even close"

    rating image

    Clay Womak
    Westlake Medical Arts

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Cutting Edge, Innovative Photobiomodulation Beds

LED Light Therapy Beds, and Red Light Therapy Beds or Pods are common names for the more scientific term Photobiomodulation Bed or Pod. Generally, all photobiomodulation beds are driven by LED lighting due to its efficiency and power.

ARRC LED expands beyond traditional Red Infrared photobiomodulation and targets additional chromophores in the blood and cell membrane. The next step is to use light waves as carriers for resonance and co-resonance including Nogier and Solfeggio frequencies. Frequency augmentation can build targeted health as well as target with the intent to destroy pathogens. Quantum Imprinting Codes (QIC) have been called “amazing” by system owners who already know the benefits of PBMt. This QIC innovation is designed to build up the strength of tissues, organs and systems that might have been damaged by pathogens. Owners already familiar with our light bed see a dramatic upturn in benefits of each session.

Global Photobiomodulation Bed Innovator

Global Photobiomodulation Bed Innovator

ARRC LED’s technology has been called “Light Years ahead of the market” for full body photobiomodulation pods. With pulsing capabilities to 200,000 hertz on our Max and 400,000 hz on ATP and Elysium, that is absolutely true. No company comes remotely close. With 3 chromophore targets, shaped by that frequency, no company comes close. With Quantum Imprinting Codes on every machine, even our base Max, no company comes close.

All of this was designed and built in California, USA. While most companies enlist distributors to sell their products, ARRC LED is manufacturer direct. That cuts at least 25% off the retail cost. See our technology to pricing comparison. ARRC is the only company where technology outpaces pricing.

ARRC LED Mission

ARRC LED Mission

Our mission is simple. Sick person in, Healthy person out.

We envision the end product and create, prototype and test the technology we believe will get us to this mission. While most companies are vested in sourcing their machines and components from Asia and selling them, our mission is based on efficacy.

ARRC LED Approach

ARRC LED Approach

The key benefits of Red and Near Infrared light highlighted above are hugely influential to the health of people and animals alike. ARRC LED takes how most companies approach PBMt several steps further, which stack additional benefits onto what is normally considered traditional PBMt or Red Light Therapy

Enhanced Wavelengths

The ARRC LED systems use 6 different Dose Optimized wavelengths rather than the traditional Red and NIR wavelengths of 633nm, 660nm, 810nm and 850nm.

Green Light ARRC LED was the first to utilize green in a full body chamber in 2015. Green light is absorbed into the heme and oxyhemoglobin. This adds a few significant benefits both theoretical and proven.

  • Green light effectively supercharges the blood. So not only are we increasing the quantity of blood flowing, we are increasing the quality of the blood that is increased due to the increase in circulation.
  • Photobiomodulation Research in 2019 began to show that green was actually more effective than Red in wound healing. Photobiomodulation groups are now calling “green the new red”.
  • Photobiomodulation Research in 2021 found that green also affects pain, but through different pathways than traditional Red/NIR. What this means is that the combination of the analgesic effect traditional red infrared has on the body are compounded by adding new pain relief pathways with green.
  • We believe that green shares the same antibacterial and antiviral effects as blue light, which means green may be a powerful tool for acne, shingles, herpes and infections.
  • Green has proven in both studies and practice to be an effective tool for migraines

940nm Mid Infrared. In 2021 ARRC LED shifted from a 2:1 ratio of 810 to 850 to an even ratio of 810nm, 850nm and 940nm. 940 is absorbed by chromophores in the cell membrane. We shape are 940 with frequency to effectively ‘structure’ the water in the cell membrane, This structuring is purposed to increase the bioimpedance or charge of the cell membrane.

Why? In our testing we found that our system was increasing phase angle 100% of the time for 100% of the patience tested. Phase angle is a measure of the ‘charge of the cell membrane’ and it is a powerful biomarker. Higher phase angle means we live longer. It means we live with less fragility. It means we have less incidence of cancer, and diabetes. The shift of one 810 to 940 is designed to take what we are already doing – increasing phase angle – and pushing it even further.

No other system does what ARRC LED does with wavelengths. And this is just the beginning.

"Best of the Bunch"

There are a lot of good LED light therapy beds out there and some that are maybe less stellar for what they offer with the price. ARRC, by people who understand the technology has been called “Best of the Bunch”, “light years ahead” and per Dr. Hagen Ohio State University – “I massively recommend ARRC LED, they are doing things no one else is.”

Photobiomodulation Therapy Forum

Photobiomodulation Therapy Forum

Want an honest evaluation? We encourage you to call us direct with questions (855.502.2772) and join our Owner’s Forum to learn more. Dr Michael Hamblin, a world renown expert on PBMT was retained as a consultant during ARRC LED’s development. 2 Day Practice Development Workshops are available to help our system owners develop a successful commercial practice that mixes Laser and LED Light Therapy.

Optimum Efficacy

Optimum Efficacy

Efficacy speaks to the success of a healing mechanism. What we are finding is that by stacking energies, frequencies, quantum coding, chromatic targets, and dosing, we can improve efficacy.

Powerful, Precise and Balanced

Powerful, Precise and Balanced

In 2023, ARRC LED converts its ATP and The Elysium Device TM from 5000 watts to 6900 watts and its new Max line up to 6500 watts. What this means is we are dose optimized “after the pulse”. Think of pulsing like a fire hose that is sending light rather than water. If you turn the water on and off 50% of the time – you will get 50% of the total energy. Most companies quote dose without pulsing, which means 100% on. ARRC LED due to its power and lighting structure quotes dose after the pulse. What this means is we can turn up the intensity of the lights to well over 100mw/cm2 per wavelength, top and bottom, and end up with cumulative energies after the pulse in Dr Hamblin’s suggested 100mw/cm2 cumulative energy. This expands the depth of penetration, while it optimizes dosing for the cell.

ARRC LED is approximately 100mw/cm@ – Dr. Hamblins suggested outcome, after the pulse.

Compelling Research

Compelling Research

ARRC LED’s ATP system is currently being tested in IRB status by both University professors and the US military. Our systems are in use and tested by functional medicine doctors who scan the body pre and post session, recording the outcomes.

Feel, Think, Look and Perform... Better ™

Photobiomodulation creates cellular changes that cascade down into and benefit the tissues, organs and systems. As the tissues, organs and systems get healthier, everything improves. We feel better, think better, look better and perform better

High-Quality Photobiomodulation Beds by ARRC LED

ARRC stands for Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery Chambers and like Einstein, we firmly believe that the “Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”. ARRC is the global leader in the application of frequency based augmentation to whole body photobiomodulation beds.

You can find ARRC LED Light Therapy beds are in the homes of world leaders, training rooms of world champions, every branch of the US Military, doctors, hospitals, CEO’s and more.

In 2018, ARRC LED developed the ATP base system under the guidance of Dr Michael Hamblin, arguably one of the leading researchers in the world on Photobiomodulation Therapy. The ATP base system has been chosen by multiple world leaders, multiple world champions as well as doctors who have spent months investigating the technology. Designed, built and mostly sourced in the USA, the manufacturer’s direct ATP system is the pinnacle for whole body PBMt.

In 2021 ARRC LED introduced the ATP RFQ system. This resonant frequency device pulses to 400,000 hertz, allowing for targeted protocols using resonance like a scalpel to reduce pathogenic loads.

In 2022 ARRC LED introduced Quantum Imprinting Codes to the operating systems on all devices. QIC codes, as we call them, are designed to imprint the optimal energetic signature into 16 targeted tissues, organs and systems of the body. We use resonance to cleanse, and QIC to rebuild.

The ATP RF, ATP RFQ and The Elysium Device™ takes PBMt technology to an entirely new level, with frequency augmentation, quantum coding and energy stacking. Our owners, people who own multiple brands, suggest that ARRCs technology is “light years ahead” of the market.

ARRC LED has entered the realm of Biotech advancing well beyond traditional photobiomodulation.

ATP RFQ Whole Body LED Light Therapy Bed


The 2023 ATP RFQ system represents an extraordinarily powerful photobiomodulation chamber.

ATP RFQ has evolved with progressive hardware and software changes since its introduction in June of 2018. This ‘Startrek like’, Patent Pending device is the same system both used and recommended by world leaders, corporate executives, world champions, US Military doctors, medical doctors and health advocates worldwide.

  • 6 Programmable wavelengths
  • 400,000 hertz pulsing capability
  • 3 chromophore targets (most devices target one)
  • 6900 watts
  • NFL tested Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Dose Optimized Top and Bottom
  • Dose Optimized – After the pulse
  • Programmable pulse options
  • 4 Unique Operating Systems
  • 16 Preloaded ‘Supersets’ for systemic cleansing
  • 16 Preloaded QIC codes for systemic rebuilding
  • 50 Preloaded ‘Invader Sets’ for targeted assessments
  • 6 Channel Pulse Variability
  • Designed, built and mostly sourced in the USA
  • Perfectly dosed for optimum results

Retailers who own both ATP and our most respected competitor suggest that their users will leave the competition bed unused and wait in line to get into ATP. And that’s the base ATP system ATP RFQ…. is Better!

Learn More About ATP RFQ

The Elysium Device™ Whole Body LED Light Therapy Bed

The Elysium Device™

The Elysium Device™ is an Experimental Medical Device built for medical professionals who want to expand their practice with a complete energy medicine device. If you’re a medical professional that wants to augment your practice with the latest energy medicine technology, perhaps The Elysium Device™ is what you’re looking for.

Imagine a device that can scan the body’s energy centers and identify energetic blocks and imbalances. Then the device uses artificial intelligence to create an augmentation protocol based on frequencies sent into the body. The device measures the cumulative augmentation benefit from PEMF, Photobiomodulation, Quantum Imprinting and TENS.

At the conclusion of the session the device remeasures the body to show your client cumulative changes. Multiple energies. Multiple frequencies. Artificial Intelligence. Energetic Scanning and Augmentation.

This is cutting edge Biotechnology and the natural evolution of ARRC LED

Learn More About The Elysium Device™

Refurbished LED Light Therapy Beds Whole Body LED Light Therapy Devices

Refurbished LED Light Therapy Beds

If you’re looking for an affordable way to incorporate LED light therapy into your practice, consider refurbished ATP Light Therapy Beds. These beds are gently used loaners that are being exchanged for the new ATP RF system, and they come with a 5-year warranty when factory-tested and certified.

  • SAVE BIG! Refurbished ATP Light Therapy Beds!
  • Big savings on gently used loaners
  • These are loaners being exchanged for the new ATP RF system
  • Factory-tested and Certified
  • 5-year warranty on all certified Photobiomodulation Beds
Call 855.502.2772 to Check Availability

Designed and Built in the USA

ARRC LED Light Therapy Beds are designed, built and mostly sourced in the USA.

Our The FDA-registered photobiomodulation devices are built in an ITAR, ISO 13458, ISO 9001 and GMP compliant facility. ARRC LED operates under a Factory Direct-to-consumer pricing policy, passing those savings on to our consumers.

We are available to answer all your questions in our office based in San Clemente, California

Disclaimer: The FDA has concluded that due to the inherent safety of low level light therapy, light therapy devices may be offered OTC for relief from minor aches and pains. The ARRC LED makes no claims as to the effectiveness of its devices other than minor aches and pains. Statements expressed within this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Take your Health Improvement Center to the next level with our state-of-the-art LED light therapy beds.

The Science behind Photobiomodulation Beds

ATP base

Photobiomodulation beds show that they can be an incredible wellness tool that works through various channels. The Photobiomodulation beds operate on particular wavelengths of light, measured in nanometers. Different wavelengths in the devices have different absorption points and capacities in the cells. Red and shorter Infrared are absorbed into the Mithohondria, longer infrareds into the water in the cell membrane, and the green are absorbed into the blood. This allows the device to modulate biological responses to a degree with wavelengths and then shape those responses with intensity, frequency, and digital coding.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy is an umbrella term for a form of light therapy that uses non-ionizing light sources, including lasers and light-emitting diodes (LED) in the visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700 – 1100 nm) electromagnetic spectrum.

Photobiomodulation therapy can be:

  • Red Light Therapy
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Near-Infrared Light Therapy
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • High-Intensity Light Therapy


Photobiomodulation Resource Library

As biotech manufacturers of energy medicine and photobiomodulation devices, we understand how the topic can be confusing. LED Light therapy was once LLLT or Low Level Light Therapy, which was also called LED Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy.

We invite you to check our Photobiomodulation Library and FAQs.

Photobiomodulation Therapy Bed FAQs

If you’re considering incorporating Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMt) into your wellness routine or medical practice, you may have some questions about PBMt beds. Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

You can find more in our Photobiomodulation FAQs section to help you make an informed decision about PBMt and choose the best bed for your needs. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us or speak with your healthcare provider.

What is a photobiomodulation bed used for?

Photobiomodulation beds are devices that emit light in order to create a series of powerful and positive cellular responses. Those responses cascade down into and benefit nearly every tissue organ and system in the body. A full body Photobiomodulation therapy bed that is a wavelength, pulse, and dose optimized delivers this systemic benefit as equal to the head, hair, and brain as it does to the internal organs, systems, and tissues down to the tips of the toes.

ARRC LED LED Light Therapy Beds are pulse optimized and dose optimized per the direction of the leading authority on photobiomodulation, Dr. Michael Hamblin. His suggestion is under 100 MW/cm2 cumulative and between 30 and 60 MW/cm2 for reds and near-infrared.

ARRC LED LED Light Therapy Beds offer the ultimate selection of amenities, features, speed, power, and capability. They take you further, faster.

Why choose a top-tier bed?

The quality of the products is important, but the quality is essential when speaking about our health. It is especially critical when your safety can be at risk or the device is in frequent use. High-quality products can also bring a level of reliability that also reduces maintenance costs.

ARRC LED is an FDA-registered, USA-designed, built, and mostly sourced manufacturer (ISO 9001, 9100, 13548, and ITAR) direct PBMt equipment company.

Choosing top tie bed can give you:

  • Better Warranties
  • Better Product Support and Parts Availability
  • Premium Features
  • More Reliability

What are the best Photobiomodulation beds?

According to Dr. Hamblin, Photobiomodulation therapy works if the manufacturer has even a basic application of PBM principles. This means that red light works and near-infrared/red combinations work.

So why is one system better than another, and is it worth it?

Wall panels are much less expensive than a Red Light Therapy pod (full-body Led Light Therapy bed). They often lack wavelength options and programming options, and you have to stand up next to the panel and self-regulate the distance from the LEDs to regulate the dose.

A chamber like the The Elysium Device™ has more wavelength and programming options. The user can comfortably lay in it.

The ARRC LED systems in 2021 have six wavelengths, while most competition devices still work with 3 or 4. The ARRC LED RF system in 2021 has over 50 preset resonant frequency protocols and is patent pending for this integration, while currently, no other system offers this. The ARRC LED devices can produce frequencies up to 400,000 hertz, program by wavelength, pulse, protocol, power, and time, while most systems are still red/near-infrared. The component quality of our FDA-registered systems, built-in ISO 9001,9100 13458, and ITAR-certified facilities mean these systems will last for decades. It is like a Rolls Royce with massaging seats, temperature control for your hair, and self-driving.

The Elysium Device™ is like the Starship Enterprise on Startrek.

What is the most powerful photobiomodulation bed?

This is a Great question! This question is about Dose, and Dose in LED Light Therapy is energy (MW/cm2) times seconds which equals Joules. Joules are like milligrams of aspirin.

In the US, we love bigger things cause bigger houses, faster cars, and more money mean better.

But in some instances, bigger is not better – actually, it can be dangerous. When we work with the Photobiomodulation bed is similar. Although overdosing is unlikely to damage the cells unless heat is too high (over 100mw/cm2) for the user, it will minimize the benefit. Meaning if you do three sessions per week, you might get no additional benefit or even less. If your sessions have intensities above 100 Mw/cm2 cumulative energy, actually you might damage the cells.

More is NOT BETTER. Right is right.

EXAMPLE: A study on performance identified three peaks. The study suggested that 30 Joules was more effective than 50 Joules and 50 Joules was more effective than 10 Joules. In the ATP system, irradiance (3rd party verified) is just over 80mw/cm2. 80 MW/cm2 x 60 seconds generates 4.8 Joules/minute. In a 10-minute session in the ATP chamber – we are overdosing for performance because we are generating nearly 50 Joules which is less effective than 30 Joules. 6 minutes is a better time frame for performance 6 x 4.8 = 28.8 Joules. The peaks for pain are higher, and the peaks for stem cells are generally lower.

Dr. Hamblin helped ARRC LED fine-tune the Dose in the ATP system. We targeted 30 – 60 MW/cm2 for reds and near-infrared, and we keep green toned down into the sub-’20s. ATP is Dose optimized. Right – is Right. You don’t take the whole bottle of aspirin; you take 2. ATP delivers a super-powerful, deep penetrating multi-wave combination of photons shaped by the power of frequency.

Where do I find photobiomodulation bed comparisons?

Photobiomodulation is a super competitive field. Distributor reps make a great deal of money on each Photobiomodulation bed they sell. You will find challenging LED bed comparisons on their sites but not even close to accurate. The points compared are often irrelevant, while the relevant points are skipped because they dont compare well.

ARRC LED invites our prospective buyers to learn from people who own and use multiple brands in their own practice. These owners can tell you firsthand what their users say. One owner, Josh Crawford in Canada suggested that his clients were skipping his two $120,000 NT led beds and waiting in line to get into his $48,000 ATP system. Another owner who owns NT and a top Chinese LED bed purchased the ATP system after doing 20 sessions at a local facility. He said, “your bed works, the other’s don’t ” (he shelved his more expensive NT and Chinese photobiomodulation bed and invested in ATP). Researchers in the Military recommend ATP over other brands.

The challenge of online comparisons is in finding an honest representation of the points. At ARRC LED, our vision is to explore, expand, innovate and integrate and offer these extraordinary systems for less than the best competition systems.

What is the difference between Photobiomodulation Bed and Red Light Therapy bed?

Photobiomodulation bed in most cases mixes different wavelengths of light with the objective of stimulating multiple healing signatures at different depths to stimulate different cell types.

However, Red Light Therapy beds are also considered Photobiomodulation Beds as Photobiomodulation is an umbrella term used to describe how different photons in different intensities and wavelengths create healing signatures that can modulate life processes which makes RTL part of the terms that Photobiomodulation covers.

ARRC LED devices can be classified as: Multiwave LED Light Therapy Beds, Photobiomodulation beds and Red Light Therapy beds.

Visit our FAQs Library
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