Photobiomodulation Therapy Devices

ARRC LED is an FDA registered, USA designed, built and sourced manufacturer (ISO 9001, 9100, 13548 and ITAR) direct PBMt equipment company.  This means our prices for our photobiomodulation therapy devices do not include the traditional 25% markup reserved for distributors.  More important is that it means the message is not skewed by distributors fighting for what are substantial commissions.

ARRC LED photobiomodulation devices are unquestionably the most technologically advanced LED light therapy beds in the marketplace.

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ATP RF is the high-performance version of the ATP photobiomodulation bed combined with a Resonant Frequency Generator from Resonant Light in Canada. ATP RF and The Elysium Device™ are Experimental Medical Devices.
This addition allows users to access over 2000 Resonant Frequency Protocols to augment specific medical assessments made by medical providers. ATP RF was designed to accommodate frequencies up to 400,000 hertz, can run multiple frequencies at the same time with different wavelengths of light and change wavelength protocols as desired during a session.

The ATP base system upgrades take what traditional LED THERAPY BEDS do and elevate them to the next level.  As our owners call the new RF system, “Game Changer.”

ATP RFI takes a full body LED light therapy bed and Integrates (I) a plasma pulse generator with 2000 resonant frequency protocols.  This experimental medical device is designed for doctors and clinics with medical staff on board.


The Elysium Device™

The Elysium Device™

The Crem de la Crem of Energy Medicine!
The Elysium Device™ combines:

  1. The already extraordinary benefits of the ATP Photobiomodulation bed with,
  2. The assessment-based directional benefits of frequency and resonance with,
  3. Quantum Scalar Coding is designed to affect the body blueprint back to its original healthy nature (think homeopathic integrations)
  4. Four levels of energetic scanning that identifies and predicts dysfunction, sends corrective frequency coding through an Artificial Intelligence system and measures and scales levels of improvement.

Elysium is an LED light therapy bed – Squared.


Refurbished ATP Systems

Over the next 12 months, the ARRC LED will be changing out ATP devices pre-sold to doctors with an agreement for them to test the ATP RF system as it becomes available.
The ATP RF Photobiomodulation bed will start shipping to those doctors in February of 2021 and we will return their ATP photobiomodulation bed, refurbish them and offer them for resale for a greatly reduced price. Generally speaking the price point for a refurbished ATP system will be under $40,000 with a 5-year warranty.

ATP Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photobiomodulation device?

A photobiomodulation device is a wellness device that uses light to modulate the biological process of the body. Devices can be simple or very complex.

A simple device is a pure red/near-infrared LED Light Therapy device that turns red and near-infrared light on and off. The cellular changes cascade from the cells into nearly every tissue organ and system in the body. LED Light Therapy is proving to expand beyond Red/NIR into the green which is proving to:

  1. affect different pathways for pain,
  2. is absorbed into and supercharges the blood,
  3. Shown in research to relieve migraines
  4. Shown to be more effective for skin and wound healing

The next step is pulse regulation whereby the photobiomodulation device. Pulse in its simplest form allows the device to increase the intensity of the light and deliver it in short powerful bursts, which increases penetration while it decreases heat.

A pulsed LED Light Therapy device can further be enhanced by shaping the wavelengths with frequency. Frequency augmentation using pulsing, allows the device to create protocols with frequency sets like Solfeggio, Nogier, Sympathetic Resonance, Brainwave entrainment, TCM and even chakra based frequencies. The ARRC LED RF.Q integrates all of these into its assessment-based protocol screens.

What photobiomodulation device is used for?

Research suggests that Photobiomodulation therapy devices are beneficial for wound healing, tissue regeneration, healthy aging, anti-fragility, reduction of pain, reduction of systemic and acute inflammation, detoxification of waste and free radicals. All of these benefits, free of side effects, are why hardened researchers are calling the benefits of PBMt “too good to be true” Photobiomodulation is good for healthy people as well because it helps to protect the cells from becoming damaged in the first place. PBMt, or LED Light Therapy, is a true root cause of wellness modality.

How to get my new photobiomodulation device?

The photobiomodulation therapy beds are a serious investment in wellness technology, so when choosing such equipment, be sure to work only with trusted partners. ARRC LED’s Photobiomodulation Devices are used by multiple world leaders, multiple world champions, the US Military, US Government Agencies, Universities, doctors and wellness providers worldwide. If ARRC LED is good enough for our partners, we think you will like us too.

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