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Muscle Restoration Therapy offers various services and treatment plans designed to help you be pain-free quickly. Choose between LED light therapy treatments or an array of massage therapy services.

Mark Rise
Owner and founder of Muscle Restoration Therapy

Mark RiseMark Rise is passionate about helping others and delivering positive results. In his practice, he uses a client-centered, personalized approach to determine the proper treatment for every client. Mark designed and developed an innovative technique, which resulted in a systematic approach to testing and treating muscle dysfunction. Mr. Rise is the first therapist in the USA to combine a Low-Level Laser with massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic techniques. This combination of practices ultimately led to the formation of Muscle Restoration Therapy. Mark uses his experience, education, training, and passion to create a unique healing practice. His extensive professional expertise, knowledge of anatomy, and compassionate approach drive the primary objective “to help clients be pain-free as quickly as possible.”

Muscle Restoration Therapy


LED Light Therapy in Fort Collins, CO

Muscle Restoration Therapy offers Full Body LED Light Therapy sessions using the ARRC-ATP bed. Make your appointment online or by phone for more information

Other services

  • Inflammation Testing with EndFlame
  • Treatment for Inflammation
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Target Massage
  • Power-Massage

Looking for a LED Light Therapy near Fort Collins, CO ?
Call Muscle Restoration Therapy at +1-970-449-9757

Muscle Restoration Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment for LED Light Therapy?

You can book an appointment at Muscle Restoration Therapy’s website, call the listed phone number, or by filling your questions in the contact page. Their representative will be happy to answer every question

What is the Muscle Restoration Therapy cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment within 24 h. prior without any charges.

Disclaimer: Treatments, including red light therapy, may vary in effectiveness and aren't suitable for everyone. Not all claims guarantee results. Always consult with your healthcare provider about potential risks or side effects before starting any treatment.

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