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Sun City opened its doors in 2003 and has since invested in only the best high-end tanning equipment. In 2019, Sun City rebranded its logo and reinvested in new equipment that is more powerful but also safer. Photobiomodulation Chamber is at your disposal; it’s located right here, on their premises.

A visit to Sun City will make your skin look healthier, flawless, and sexy. With several tanning beds available with varying levels of UV exposure, Sun City can craft a membership plan that guarantees the glow you’ve envied for so long. Their seven-minute guarantee from gorgeous bronze to shimmery caramel means you’ll be in and out and on your beautiful way in no time. Sun City works only with high-quality machines that deliver an unbeatable bronzed and beautiful tan. Feel free to contact them for your first step toward more beautiful skin.

Appointments are required during the busy season.

Sun City Tan


LED Light Therapy in Pembroke, MA

LED Light Therapy Sessions

  • Single Session
  • 8 Sessions
  • 12 Sessions
  • 20 Sessions

Sun City Tanning is the first in Massachusetts to have an LED Light Therapy bed

Other Services

  • Tanning
  • Spray Tanning

Looking for a LED Light Therapy near Pembroke, MA ?
Call Sun City Tan at +1-718-826-2605

Sun City Tan
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Free Photobiomodulation sessions?

Sun City offers a free photobiomodulation therapy session for first-time patients!

Disclaimer: Treatments, including red light therapy, may vary in effectiveness and aren't suitable for everyone. Not all claims guarantee results. Always consult with your healthcare provider about potential risks or side effects before starting any treatment.

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