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Leading Edge Wellness™, situated in Phoenix, AZ, provides a holistic approach to health by offering an array of therapies designed to empower individuals in their wellness journey. The center integrates therapies such as oxygen, magnetic field, and light-based methods like photobiomodulation into personalized treatment plans. These offerings are overseen by an advisory board composed of healthcare experts from various disciplines, including naturopathy, ensuring that treatments are backed by a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Leading Edge Wellness™


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Leading Edge Wellness™
Frequently Asked Questions

What therapies does Leading Edge Wellness™ offer?

Leading Edge Wellness™ provides a variety of therapies including oxygen therapies, magnetic field therapies, light therapies, and lymphatic & detox therapies.

How are the therapies customized for individual needs?

A personalized approach is at the core of services at Leading Edge Wellness™. A detailed understanding of each client's health objectives and current conditions allows for the creation of unique treatment plans designed to align with individual wellness goals.

What can I expect during my first visit?

Expect a holistic experience that includes a health assessment and an introduction to a range of therapies. The first visit serves as a comprehensive consultation, a critical step in tailoring the most effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Disclaimer: Treatments, including red light therapy, may vary in effectiveness and aren't suitable for everyone. Not all claims guarantee results. Always consult with your healthcare provider about potential risks or side effects before starting any treatment.

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