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Cryo LoungeCryo Lounge offers alternative and holistic health therapy services that can positively affect your life at competitive rates. They aim to make as many people as possible experience the extensive benefits of the therapies they administer. They also provide discounted packaging prices depending on the frequency of visits and group size. CRYO LOUNGE prides itself on having the best and safest products on the market, with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Cryo Lounge provides fast and healthy therapeutic services, which can support the body’s natural recovery, improve overall well-being and recharge the body with energy.

Cryo Lounge


LED Light Therapy in Wheaton, IL

Cryo Lounge uses the most technically advanced LED Light Therapy device on the market today.

LED Light Therapy sessions

Cryo Lounge knows that there are different needs, so they offer various session options. Book an appointment and make your first step into your new life.

  • Single session​
  • Packages
    • Eight pack
    • 16 pack

Other services

Localized cryotherapy
Cryo t-shock
Normatec pulse massage

Looking for a LED Light Therapy near Wheaton, IL ?
Call Cryo Lounge at +1-630-597-8936

Cryo Lounge
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book therapy?

You can book your therapy session through Cryo Lounge's website or call +1-630-597-8936

Disclaimer: Treatments, including red light therapy, may vary in effectiveness and aren't suitable for everyone. Not all claims guarantee results. Always consult with your healthcare provider about potential risks or side effects before starting any treatment.

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