Healthy People & PBM (Photobiomodulation)

PBM (photobiomodulation) is considered therapeutic as a treatment for health-related conditions, performance enhancing for peak performing athletes, it can reduce wrinkles and has been shown to reverse brain related decline. The more the body/mind is stressed, the greater the measuring sticks.

Healthy People & PBMWhat if you’re 30 – 60 years old, you eat a clean organic diet, drink purified water, practice stress reduction and you exercise to stay in shape? Most won’t feel a euphoric high because of their salad choices, but the choice is still made. Diet and exercise remain proactive steps to maintain personal health.

For you, Mr. and Ms. health conscious, the bells, whistles are likely to be subtle. You might sleep a bit better, the allergies might go away, you’re less sore after a short run, or your energy levels increase. The changes are subtle.

Long term, the accumulation of food and environmental toxicity, chronic stress and inflammation will likely lead to a life ending disease.

The question is can we reduce the damage and thus push the suffering back another decade? Could we live longer, with less time punctuated by disease?

The changes you want are the ones that change who you would have been at 70, 80, 90 or even 100.

So, why would a healthy person use a whole body LED light therapy bed? Because they want to feel, think look and perform better, longer. Light heals. Light is an essential. You just get better.

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